Build a Marketing Strategy

March 30, 2017

Companies throughout the world should target their businesses and show to be really competitive to get a benefit over their competitors. They should guarantee brand exposure, generating more sales and increase the production. It is not easy to carry on to keep vendor relationships and build marketing strategy. They now outsource their service to marketing business while keeping focused on their primary organization. Several reputed call center companies and promotion companies focus on control over client relationship and likewise multi-product sales. These companies use marketers to promote the service enterprise for customers and impact Third party sales. Their primary goal is to create profits since of their clients through needs based selling.

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Exhibitor 2014: The trade show and conference for all exhibitors.

December 17, 2013

In our days the winning takes all and the looser, nothing. It is the chance to get useful information and marketing techniques for best exhibiting. A chance to get your company on the winning side.


Exhibition stand designs – From modern to fantasy.

December 6, 2012

A great collection of exhibition stand designs. From modern to fantasy, The are really nice.

Wonderful Video, Wonderful Stand Designs

April 11, 2012

Wonderful Video, Wonderful Stand Designs

It’s a must see and the music so nice … 


Why custom stands are better?

March 2, 2011

Custom stands have a great advantage over system stands. Custom stand designs are the best way to attract more visitors at the trade show exhibition. These custom stands are basically customized according to the company’s goals and corporate brand. These designs are handmade and the materials that are used for the construction of the stands are often based on the budget of the company.

custom stand

Custom stand design

A well tailored stand is what people look for in an exhibition. When it comes to leaving the ultimate impression on the visitors then you are required to have custom stand.

Custom stands are made by wood, iron and other necessary materials for giving the company a very striking look at the trade show.

exhibition booth

We don’t believe in the promotion of system stands because there is no innovation in it. Since, they are already pre-build, there is no scope of enhancement. These system stands are pre-build panels which need to be just adjusted together. So, where is the creativity in this task? Thus, we follow our golden rule of uniqueness in our every endeavor. We, recommend custom stands in order to enhance visibility and the results of a trade show.

A Creative Exhibit Booth Design Equals More Visitors

November 8, 2010

Imagine the potential benefits of having an exhibit booth design that both creates visual appeal as well as draws visitors to it. The benefits would be nearly endless. It could potentially bring long term business for the exhibiting company and work as a continuing form of advertising.

The exhibit booth design works by lingering fresh on the minds of the visitors who saw it. If it makes a good enough impression on the visitor, they will be talking about it a year later. Customers will likely even go to the next trade show anticipating your exhibit booth design. Visitors will come to know the company name and remind company’s brand.

Exhibit booth design is the most important part of a tradeshow event. It is the mobile hub of the exhibiting company. Just as is important to take pride of the company logo and place of business, is also important to take pride of the exhibit booth design. Exhibitors have one chance to make a lasting impression at the trade show.

Creativity in the exhibit booth design is an important part in the trade show because it is this creativity that will put your exhibition booth above the rest of the competitors. When visitors see your booth, they will flock to it giving the opportunity to gain a loyal customer or make a sale. Common or dull exhibit booth design, usually get lost in the trade show among the competitors.

Many times, it is a products packaging that makes the sale. Children look for cartoon characters and bright colors while, adults look for sleek and neat packaging. This alone makes the sale many times regardless of what is inside the package. It is this same concept that comes into play with exhibit booth design. Visitors will look at the company’s “package” (presentation) and this is what will draw them into the sale. Having a stylish and appealing exhibit booth design that was built while thinking out of the box will intrigue the visitors to stop in the booth and ask more questions about the offered products or services.

It is hard to be unique in a world that is full of competitors trying to stand out. It is not impossible to achieve this success though. With a creative exhibit booth design, exhibitors have a unique booth that is sure to be talked about.

With a creative and unique booth design companies exhibit at the trade show with the confidence that are portraying a strong, lasting image to visitors.

In the economic downturn, participation in foreign exhibitions becomes more important than ever

April 16, 2009
Why is recommended to be present on international trade fairs in the economic downturn?

In a difficult economy, exhibitors may scale-back the size and drama of their presentations, but they must continue participating in foreign exhibitions. And a troubled economy changes the definition of “successful exhibition”: if an exhibitor breaks even, making just enough to sales to cover his costs, he has enjoyed a good, productive trip.

Experts agree loyal customers and new contacts will return and drive profits as soon as the economy begins its inevitable turn-around. Participation in a foreign exhibition reassures customers the business remains healthy; and it makes them wonder why many of your competitors have failed to make an appearance. When the recovery begins in earnest, the exhibitor’s competitors will struggle against a major disadvantage: The exhibitor was there even during the slump, and they were not.

John Kannt, marketing advisor of EUTEA says: If the exhibitor participates in foreign exhibitions even during the downturn, making the point he is “present as usual” without reducing or changing his corporate image, he will see significant return on his investment when the economy begins growing again. In the down economy, the foreign exhibitor may cut costs by reducing space, but he should continue “branding” his logo, image, and identity, putting special emphasis on customer service.

Kannt and other industry leaders predict significant advantages from continuing to participate in foreign exhibitions as if were business-as-usual:

1. With proper follow-up contact, more contacts and more leads will become profitable clients.
2. The company’s presence sends a strong message to existing clients: We are here, we are healthy, and we remain a leader in the market.
3. The exhibitor gets a realistic estimate of customers’ loyalty and respect for his products and services.
4. Participation in international fairs boosts morale and motivation among the sales staff, inspiring them to drive sales in spite of the recession.

Further, John Kant, insisting smart business people cannot afford to miss international exhibitions, recommends staying faithful to the basic principles that have made past presentations successful:

Even if the company chooses to cut costs by reducing space and staffing, it must maintain customized exhibition design; customers must see the company’s brand and image as clearly and powerfully as ever.

Do not change the visual branding. Changes will disturb customers. In times of crisis, people naturally respond well to anything that remains “normal,” deriving comfort from the sameness. Reassuring customers, the company remains strong and vital as always, Kannt recommends constructing the same custom stand you always have used.

Clients naturally wonder how the crisis has affected the exhibitor’s business; the more it looks like “business as usual,” the more customers will feel confident the business will remain a reliable partner and supplier.

How to create a successful exhibition stand

November 20, 2008


European Exhibitor’s Association
Create an Eye-Catching Booth

Your company might make computers or luxury automobiles. You might sell scrub brushes. It doesn’t really matter. When you’re at a trade show, what you’re selling is your image.

Your exhibition booth is perceived to be a reflection of what you are like as a company.
The target of a long term exhibition strategy should be to create and maintain a visual brand.

Visual Branding Keys To Make Your Business Memorable

Have you ever asked yourself why a competitor’s business gets more attention?

The answer just may have to do with the elements that go into how memorable the business is. And that has to do with branding.

Visual branding and messaging – the silent sale.

But exactly what is branding, anyway? Think of branding as predefining what a company is all about in the minds of its clients. Good branding differentiates your products and services in a positive way that really sticks in the minds of potential customers.

Your stand should include your corporate colours or a modern design that fits in the company’s image.
Branding as predefining what a company is all about in the mind of its client’s.

Good exhibition design differentiates your company your products and your services in a positive way that really sticks in the minds of potential customers.

Take Apple for example

Exceptional design is the personality of Apple and thus is key to it’s brand experience. It’s products are exceptional, Apple stores are themselves an exercise in visual branding – the minute you step over the threshold you are immersed in Apple theatrics. In exhibition presentation, there’s no difference.

Every aspect of the experience with the company is visually stunning. Visual differentiation as a strategy for success is not merely window dressing, but an accurate reading on their brand personalities.

Custom exhibition design allows you to create your visual branding a memorable look differentiates you from the competitors and create a leader image.

With so many new companies and products coming to market every day, consumers turn instinctively to strong brands they know and trust.

Make your presence unique

When designing the stand make sure it passes the 30 second test – 30 seconds is roughly how long people will look at your stand before they decide to visit or walk on. So the message must be loud and clear.

A custom booth can be a big investment. But if it’s done right, it can attract attention and give a strong impression of your company to visitors. With careful planning and experienced professional help, you should be able to plan a stand design that meets your goals without breaking your budget.

A custom trade show booth is uniquely designed and constructed for your company not made on a prefabricated frame. A stand made by prefabricated frame does not allows unlimited forms and shapes.

Custom booths can give you great freedom in choosing the shape, design, layout and configuration of your booth and they can make your company stand out from the crowd on the trade show floor.

A custom exhibition is a real opportunity to display the personality of your business by creating an eye-catching exhibition presence.

Can’t afford to be the biggest booth on the floor?

Don’t worry, you can still attract attention with a creative and unusual exhibition booth design. Some stand constructors get creative by choosing a unique shape for their booth.

Get professional help. Professional exhibit design firms can work with you in designing a custom booth that will get attention-without going over-budget.